One thought on “mzliberty2011page-07

  1. I just love the idea of that big juicy backside of hers jiggling as she goes from room to room stooping and straining to force open doors to gain entry. In the future please make her work that costume really hard by climbing stairs and ladders and over fences and have her squeeze through things such as windows and partially opened doors and crawl through tunnels so that we can enjoy ogling our heroine from as many different angles as possible. I would love to have her get stuck in some confined spaces on occasion due to her amplitude. I would like to see many of the police and other authorities whom she works with secretly sneaking peaks at her body and commenting on it and on what they would like to do to her behind her back. I can imagine her confronting the chief or the commissioner about the climate and about the radio chatter and some lurid graffiti she finds at a station house only to have him blow off her complaint because, unknown to our so-called super heroine detective, he happens to be one of the biggest (and most powerful perverts) in the city government. It would be nice if she had a problem of accidentally bumping things with her generous ass both as a super heroine and when she is pretending to be an ordinary woman going about her ordinary life. No one notices this clumsy trait is shared by two completely different women who happen to share the same hairstyle, complexion, and awesome build.


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