Mz Liberty Controlled and Captured !


One thought on “Mz Liberty Controlled and Captured !

  1. As the gas cloud thickens and becomes overwhelming, frantically she kicks and punches at the door, finally managing to create a small, jagged hole in the door panel next to the knob. She reaches through the hole and turns the knob, but of course, it won’t budge. Choking and gasping for breath, she pulls her arm back into the room, knees on the floor, and tries to thrust her lips and nose to the opening to get fresh air but it is too late, the hole is too small, the volume of gas is too large, and she has expended the last air in her lungs and the last of her super strength in making the hole. It is too late, as she coughs, gasps, and gags her pink tongue begins to protrude from her mouth and moisten her red lips with drool, her movements grow spasmodic and disjointed, her pretty eyes cross and then slowly, roll back into her head. Suddenly, her body goes limp and her head slams face first into the doors. Still kneeling, arms hanging limply at her sides she slides down only slightly held up by her big boobs pressing against the door. After several minutes pass someone jiggles an unseen key into the lock turns the knob and pulls the door open. Still on kneeling against the door as it opens, Mz Liberty slowly slumps to the floor face down, ass up unconscious with her arms stretched beside her on the floor. Two men in coveralls and gas masks set to work immediately binding her hands behind her and lashing her ankles together with large twist ties while she lays unconscious on her knees. Working as the experienced team that they are, the two lift Mz Liberty’s upright enough so that they can raise her head. One pinches her nostrils shut, and when her mouth opens, the other is ready with a muzzle. He quickly inserts the bulb in her mouth, and pulls the straps which hold the panel in place over her lips as tightly as he can. It takes both of them to position the super heroine’s body so that the larger of the two can sling her over his shoulder. While he stands with her bent over his shoulder, his partner adds more twist ties to her legs and arms, snugging them so that they bite into her soft skin. Satisfied with their work, the two looked up to face a small oddly shaped panel in the ceiling and give matching thumbs up signals. As part of the “deluxe package,” the customer had requested a video souvenir of the take down and capture of Mz. Liberty. Now he had it. The two kidnappers would receive the remaining third of their payment upon delivery. They were careful to make sure that, per his specifications, the last thing that the customer saw of Mz. Liberty as she was carried away was her ample, upturned ass. That, and the twist ties securing her shapely limbs. The customer is always right.


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